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A Safe Place to Speak up

Feeling hesitant about stepping forward to report irregularities you’ve observed? Our Whistleblower application is designed for you. Report breaches confidently and anonymously through our secure platform.

Your input is more than just a report — it’s a catalyst for change. By sharing information about detected violations, you play a crucial role in transforming organizations into more ethical and integrity-based workplaces. Let’s build a future where every voice is heard and valued, in a safe and confidential environment.

How a whistleblower system works

Step into the Role of a Whistleblower

As a whistleblower, you hold the key to uncovering violations. Enter vital details into our system with the choice to remain anonymous. Opting for anonymity? You’ll still have secure two-way communication through in-app chat, ensuring your voice is heard without revealing your identity. Upon submitting an anonymous report, you’ll receive a login code for continued access to the application.

The Compliance Manager’s Role

Once a report reaches a company’s compliance manager, the first step is assessing the likelihood of the violation. Based on this evaluation, appropriate actions are taken to address the issue. Rest assured, all dialogues within the application are securely encrypted, and data storage complies with GDPR standards within the EU.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Experience

Our software is packed with features designed for efficiency and security. Enjoy anonymous two-way communication, visual case management, and an intuitive interface. Your data remains encrypted, and you can choose from multiple languages. Customize your dashboard to suit your needs and explore many more user-centric functionalities.

Experience the Strength of Our Whistleblower System

Confidential Reporting

Embrace the power of safe disclosure. Whether you choose to remain anonymous or reveal your identity, we ensure your information is handled with utmost confidentiality. Our system is designed to protect your privacy and maintain the secrecy of your report at every step.

Efficient and Effective

Our system is designed for speed and thoroughness. Streamlined procedures ensure that investigations are not only comprehensive but also quick, reducing the time from report to resolution and mitigating any potential harm.

Multilingual Accessibility

Our platform is a global solution. Offering multiple language options for both application use and report submission, we cater to a diverse user base. This inclusivity ensures that language barriers do not hinder the reporting process, making our system accessible to users worldwide.

User-Friendly Interface

Experience ease of use like never before. Our system is intuitively designed for quick setup and effortless navigation. Reporting a breach is simplified into a few straightforward steps, making the process accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Flexible Reporting Channels

Report on your terms. Our platform is versatile and accessible across multiple devices - desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This flexibility ensures you can report from any location, at any time, using whatever device is most convenient for you.

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay informed at every step. Our system instantly processes reports and initiates investigation steps. Continuous monitoring allows you to track the progress of the investigation, ensuring issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

Independent and Transparent Investigations

We uphold the integrity of each investigation. Our processes are free from internal or external influences, ensuring unbiased and fair outcomes. Transparency is key in our approach, providing visibility and trust in how investigations are conducted and resolved.

Insightful Analytics

Manage and analyze reports with ease. Our intuitive case management module simplifies the handling of reported breaches. Regular analytics provide deep insights into trends, recurrent issues, and areas needing attention, enabling proactive management and decision-making.

Continuous Follow-Up

Stay connected and involved. From the moment you submit a report until its conclusion, our system keeps you informed with real-time updates. We encourage ongoing interaction, allowing you to provide additional information or clarification as needed throughout the investigation process.

features overview

Easy and effective investigation

Predictive Analytics and investigation of cases.

Variety intake channel methods

Reporting via mobile app or phone channels.

Investigation and monitoring

Proceeding reports with the help of powerful analytics in real-time processess.

Case management

The case manager is an intuitive mechanism where regular focus stands on analyze report breaches and their investigations.

Multilevel roles

Managing by different user roles as administrator, the anonymous user, or Case manager.

Anonymity Option

You can submit a breach either as anonymous user or full disclosure user.


Whistleblower's biggest focus is confidentiality. You can make reports at any time and any place.


Whisleblower platform provides different languages for your report intake.

Follow up!

All progression of reports is updated in real-time process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Whistleblower platform serves as a fully compliant internal reporting channel for organizations adhering to the EU Whistleblowing Directive and other Whistleblower Protection Acts. Our team of experts is available to provide guidance on the legal aspects of these laws, ensuring your organization stays on the right side of the regulations.

The application may be submitted by employees, self-employed persons in a contractual relationship with the company, partners, members of management and supervisory bodies, and all other persons under the supervision and guidance of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Following the company’s policy, third parties may also submit applications that have information about irregularities in the company.

If you notice any signs of irregularities, it’s advised to use the reporting channel immediately. If at the time of communication you believe that the signs are true, all retaliatory measures against you are legally prohibited. Based on your application, the compliance service will thoroughly investigate the case and inform you of the results.

Once a report is submitted, it is reviewed by our compliance team. They may reach out for additional information or clarification. After a thorough investigation, appropriate actions will be taken, and you will be informed of the outcome, provided you’ve not reported anonymously.

Using the messaging channel, we inform you about the status of your application and further procedures. This allows you to report additional information that you were not previously aware of or did not know was relevant to your application.

Yes, if you come across different irregularities or have concerns on separate occasions, you can submit multiple reports. Each report will be treated independently and with the same level of confidentiality and thoroughness.

Yes, it is. You have the option to report without revealing your identity. However, it’s worth noting that the European Directive offers added protection to those who choose to disclose their identities. If you do, your report will be given a unique reference number, ensuring your personal details remain confidential. We prioritize the protection of your data and identity.

satisfied users

As a case manager, I like that I get a visualization of all report’s development from the point where the breach was reported to the point where the investigation is concluded. The app works easily and intuitively.

Maša Brodnik Business Support Unit

Salviol company has proven to be a reliable partner with whom we like to work. They are committed to information security, secure data use, and always looking for new improvements.

Ula Paulovič Business finance manager

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Have questions or need guidance? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Be a proactive part of safeguarding your organization against potential risks. Our robust whistleblowing system offers a seamless, user-friendly experience while prioritizing your privacy and anonymity. With our platform, you can confidently report issues and engage in secure, confidential communication, helping to prevent economic harm and maintain the integrity of your organization. Let’s work together to foster a safer, more transparent workplace.