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Are you facing uncertainty whether to make a step towards to revelling irregulates that you noticed? Whistleblower application allows you to report a breach as anonymous user in a secure platform.

By providing information about detected violations you can change the future and help organisations become more ethnic integrity-based workplaces.

How a whistleblower system works

Whistleblower enters important information about individual violations into the system. He can therefore decide whether or not to provide his personal data. If he doesn’t do so, he is granted complete anonymity. Even in this case, the applicant and the case manager can continue a two-way communication via chat within the application. When the whistleblower submits an anonymous report, he gets the access to the application using the login code.

When a a company’s compliance manager receives the case, the likelihood of a violation is usually checked first. Further steps are then taken to properly address the case. The dialogue within the application is secured and the data is stored in a secured manner within the EU in accordance with the GDPR.

The software includes a wide range of features, such as the ability to anonymous two-way communication, visual case management, easy-to-use interface, encrypted data, multiple language options, an easy-to-use interface, custom dashboard settings and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The application may be submitted by employees, self-employed persons in a contractual relationship with the company, partners,
members of management and supervisory bodies, and all other persons under the supervision and guidance of contractors,
subcontractors, and suppliers. Following the company's policy, third parties may also submit applications that have information about irregularities in the company.

Use the messaging channel as soon as you are aware of the signs of an irregularity. If at the time of communication you believe that the signs are true, all retaliatory measures against you are legally prohibited. Based on your application, the compliance service will thoroughly investigate the case and inform you of the results.

Using the messaging channel, we inform you about the status of your application and further procedures. This allows you to report additional information that you were not previously aware of or did not know was relevant to your application.

The communication channel also allows you to report anonymously, but we must remind you that the European Directive provides protection for applicants who disclose their identities. In the latter case, we point out that each application is assigned a number under which the case is considered and your identity will not be disclosed to third parties. Protecting your identity and data is our top priority.

satisfied users

As a case manager, I like that I get a visualization of all report’s development from the point where the breach was reported to the point where the investigation is concluded. The app works easily and intuitively.

Maša Gluhar Business Support Unit

Salviol company has proven to be a reliable partner with whom we like to work. They are committed to information security, secure data use, and always looking for new improvements.

Ula Jaklič Business finance manager

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Help to protect your company or organization by detecting issues before they turn into economic damage. Our safe, easy to use and complete whistleblowing system preserves your anonymity and allows you to communicate with the reporter in the most secure and confidential way.