Terms and conditions


General terms and conditions for using the WhistleBlower software solution


General provisions and consent

These general terms and conditions for the use of the WhistleBlower software solution (hereinafter referred to as the “Application”) set out the obligations, rights and conditions of use of the application and instructions to its users to use the application.

The general terms and conditions may be updated and are accessible to anyone in the app at any time in their latest and valid version.

Entry registration or application registration means that the user agrees to all restrictions and conditions set out herein and that, as a user of the application, he is previously clearly and comprehensively aware of the terms of use, as well as the protection of copyright and personal data protection policy. The general terms of use are also fully and in the same way applicable to users who access the app as unregistered or undeclared visitors.

By using the application, the user confirms that he has carefully read, agreed with, and fully accepting the general terms of use. As app users, all users or visitors who access the app as logged in or unregistered or undeclared visitors are meant.

SALVIOL reserves the right to modify or update the Application and its contents at any time, in any way and without reason or without giving reason, without prior notice. Salviol assumes no responsibility for any consequences of such changes. Due to technical or functional upgrades of the application, SALVIOL reserves the right to publish a new version of the application. The user will be notified of the new version of the app or changes through the app itself provided, that it renews the upgrades of that app.

On all issues not governed by these General Conditions, apply the general conditions published in http://www.salviol.com/terms-of-use/.


Use the app

2.1. Download the application

The user can download the app through the mobile store for mobile apps, in the manner and under the conditions set for selected online stores for mobile apps (Apple iOS: iTunes Store, Google Android: Play Store, website).

The user can also access the application through a website.

The use of the application is free of charge for the user, whereby the user is obliged to pay for the data transfer (at home or abroad) charged by the selected operator at each applicable price list if the application is accessed via data; or pay for an Internet connection if it accesses the application through it.

2.2. Technical requirements

Connecting to a mobile network or (wireless) internet connection is required to download and use the application. The application does not work without a network or Internet connection. Application works on iOS (Apple) or Android (Google) operating systems.

2.3. Registration

You must pre-register for first access to the app. With a successful registration process, the user obtains the opportunity to enter their own profile. When registering, the user must select a username and password.

If a user forgets their password or wants to change it, they can reset or change their password at any time.

Full functionality and access to all application content requires registration or login.

Before registering with the application, the user must fully familiarize accept and confirm his agreement to these general terms and conditions. By ticking the appropriate field in the context of the application registration, the user is deemed to have read and agree with the applicable terms of use of the application by ticking the appropriate field in the context of the application registration. Upon registration, the user must expressly confirm that he agrees to the intended processing of his or her personal data and privacy policy.

2.4. Unauthorized use of username or password

The user must properly protect password username and other identification information.

In the event of unauthorized use of a username or password, the user is obliged to immediately notify SALVIOL to the email support@whistlewb.com. The notification must provide details of the user’s first and last name, e-mail address and unauthorized use details. SALVIOL shall have the right to take all measures and other actions necessary to protect its rights and interests and to protect the rights and interests of other users or persons in the event of suspected misuse of the password.

The security and confidentiality of all data stored on a mobile or other device is solely the responsibility of the user.


About the application and report violations

The application is intended for users to report infringements of European Union law. The application is set up and managed in a secure manner that ensures the confidentiality of the identity of the applicant and all third parties mentioned in the application and prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing this information and channels.

The user “the whistleblower” receives a receipt of the notification no later than 7 days after the notification.

The status of the applicant shall not be disclosed to anyone other than the authorized staff responsible for receiving notifications or follow-up after notifications without the express consent of that person.


Protection of personal data and cookies

We process personal data in accordance with European law (Regulation (EU) 2016/697 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the movement of such data (hereinafter referred to as “general regulation”)), the applicable Slovenian legislation in the field of personal data protection and other legislation which gives us the legal basis for the processing of personal data.

The protection of personal data and cookies are governed by a privacy policy available on the website https://www.salviol.com/privacy-policy/.

4(1). Registered users

User’s consent to the collection and processing of personal data: By registering in the application and agreeing to the general terms and conditions, the user is deemed to consent to the user’s consent to the inclusion of his or her personal data in the list of registered users of the application and to agree to the use of his personal data in the manner and for purposes described in these General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Upon registration or registration, the user provides the following personal data: first and last name, e-mail address, telephone. The user may also provide other personal information as specified in the privacy policy.

The user agrees that SALVIOL collects, processes, stores and uses personal data for the purpose of investigating and handling the reported breach through applications in accordance with applicable Laws and regulations.

4.1.1. Protection of personal data

SALVIOL, as the controller of personal data, undertakes to protect personal data provided by the user and use them only for the intended purposes.


Stop providing or using the application

SALVIOL can stop providing the app at any time by notifying users in an appropriate way.

The user has the right to stop using the app at any time by deactivating the user account itself and/or the app erases the is of their mobile phone or tablet.


Violation of the general terms and conditions

SALVIOL reserves the right to prevent users who violate or act against the General Terms or Conditions from accessing or using content in the app and otherwise preventing the delivery of any e-mail or other communication with the Application, or to prevent users from violating other people’s rights.

If there are any disputes with SALVIOL and the user, if there are any disputes, they will resolve any disputes by mutual agreement or, in the event of failure, before the local and in-kind competent courts under the law of the Republic of Slovenia.


Validity of the General Terms and Conditions

These general conditions shall apply from 01.01.2021.