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RAALS – Whistle Wb meets the highest level of security and privacy. All of our solutions and suppliers have to process and fulfill full security requirements from standards implemented, reviewed and tested annually.

security tools for your app

If you are concerned about privacy and security while browsing the web or working in web apps,
you should consider using a VPN (virtual private network).

The VPN service works by first connecting your device to a remote computer (a so-called proxy or proxy server), through which you then visit other websites. In this way, you can secure your wireless internet insurance from anyone, including governments, hackers, and your internet service provider.

For your privacy we recommend you one of these 3 secure servers:

Protect your Privacy and Content
NordVPN logo

A VPN is a great tool that allows you to access the internet safely and securely. It encrypts your sensitive data before it even leaves your device and connects to the web. This means that no one can see your traffic.

NordVPN uses next-generation encryption that has been used to secure classified information. You can be confident that your online activities and sensitive data won’t be seen by prying eyes.

NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy so your online activity – including financial transfers or work emails – is never recorded. We don’t store any information about you, which is why we will never be able to share it with any third parties.

One click to a safer internet

Express VPN is another great virtual private network, a secure tunnel between two or more devices. Connecting to a VPN gives you an encrypted connection to the internet. This allows you to stay private and secure.

Express VPN never keeps logs of your online browsing activity therefore you can enjoy a higher degree of anonymity.

Browse Privately. Explore Freely.

Tor is one of the easiest ways to browse the web anonymously. 

The Tor network disguises your identity by encrypting your traffic and moving it across different Tor relays within the network. It directs Internet traffic through a network of thousands of relays, many of which are set up and maintained by volunteers.

Messages are encapsulated in layers of encryption, comparable to the layers of an onion. Inside the Tor network are .onion sites, or ‘hidden services’.

Tor facilitates anonymized browsing by allowing traffic to pass onto or through the network through nodes that only know the immediately preceding and following node in a relay.


other security benefits

of using Whistleblower system

  • Total encrypted anonymity for Whistle-blowers
  • All data resides in highly secure data centre in Swiss
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • GDPR compliant
  • Two Factor Authentication for investigators
  • Annual penetration test according to PCI DSS certification
  • Certifications assure and acknowledge that security procedures and measures are in place and working. Tested and monitored in real time.
  • Anonymous encrypted communication and continuous threat, vulnerability, and risk assessment and preventions with DLP technoliges