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Help to protect your company or organization by detecting issues before they turn into economic damage. Our safe, easy to use and complete whistleblowing system preserves your anonymity and allows you to communicate with the reporter in the most secure and confidential way.

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People may consider whistleblowing as very intimidating and exaggerated. Whistleblowers are primarily afraid of possible retaliation or isolation in the workplace. But employees have an important role in tackling fraud and corruption in their organizations. Whistling is important for the following reasons:

  • Reporting can end fraudulent and corrupt behaviors
  • Fraud and corruption can cause serious damage to an organization
  • Reporting irregularities is crucial for further research

What is a
whistleblower system

and why do you need it?

As an employee, supplier or customer you have the opportunity to inform your company about violations of labor, data protection, money laundering, tax or public procurement law, or of a company code of conduct. By using a digital whistleblowing platform you can prevent impending violations, enable a better work environment and direct your business to its full potential.


of using Whistleblower system

  • Deterrence of violations and fraud
  • Early detection of signs of violations and abuse
  • Timely transmission of critical information to those who can solve it
  • Demonstration to investors, regulators, and other stakeholders that the organization behaves responsibly and implements ethical business commitments
  • Risk reduction of anonymous and malicious leakage of information from the organization
  • Cost and compensation management and penalties for accidents and abuse
  • Maintaining and improving the reputation of the organization

All researches confirm that reporting abuse is effective in business environments that promote an appropriate organizational culture and awareness of internal abuse. It is crucial that employees gain confidence in the reporting process and the investigation of reports. Therefore, by using the WB program, you are guaranteed the anonymity and security of such reporting, the independence of the investigation, and the transparency and efficiency of the investigation procedures.

the EU whistleblowing directive

Under EU Directive (the European legislature adopted Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report infringements of Union law), companies and public administrations with more than 50 employees have to set up a channel for reporting abuses and infringements and regulate internal procedures for investigating applications and protecting applicants. The 27 European member states have to implement the directive into national law by the end of 2021.

The experience shows that fraud communication channels are an effective tool for achieving the compliance of companies. A global survey by the Association of Fraud Investigators for 2018 (Report to the Nations) shows that fraud reporting is the most effective mechanism for identifying them, as 40 percent of frauds are detected on the basis of such reports. Half of the messages were received from employees, while the rest were reported by customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

Whistleblower software is suitable also for companies and organizations that are not required by the applicable law.